Pay Per Click Service

Pay Per Click allows advertisers to pay a fee to search engines. The fee is paid on the basis of clicks the advertisements receive on a search engine. This service depends on ‘buying’ visits rather than earning them through organic search. We can help your business in receiving targeted customers through the PPC route.


PPC is one way of reaching targeted customers and has seen an increase over the years. The benefits you can gain by taking this route are –

  • Contribute to your business goals by targetting the sales funnel effectively
  • Measure and track the user traffic through Google Adwords and Analytics
  • Have control of the budget as well as marketing channels
  • Targets customers quickly as opposed to organic SEO searches


We carry out the PPC campaign by following steps such as

  • Identification of KPIs & finalizing the budget
  • Keywords research and landing page analysis
  • Launching campaign by setting up ad groups and analyzing their performance
  • Carry our optimization through keyword management

Why with us:

Our experienced content marketing team can manage the PPC campaign to target customers in a better way.